Tournament Rules

Chippewa Valley Gives Back Golf Tournament

Scramble Rules



GOAL:   Each group of four players competes as a team for the LOWEST TEAM SCORE for the 18 holes.



  1. Each group will select a Team captain prior to teeing off.
  2. Play begins with each member of the group teeing off.
  3. With the agreement of the other members of the group, the team captain decides which drive is the most desirable.
  4. The other members of the group pick up their balls and proceed to the spot of the selected drive, where they will hit their second shot.
  5. The best of the second shots is then chosen. The group will then hit all their putts (or third shots) from that spot.
  6. This procedure continues until the ball is in the hole.
  7. At the end of each hole, the score for the group is recorded on the card.
  8. The maximum score allowed is double-par. After that, simply pick up the balls and move on to the next hole.


  1. Place balls within one club length of the original ball.
  2. In placing the ball, you may not change the condition of the shot. If the ball is in a hazard or rough, all members of the team must play their shot from the hazard or rough, respectively.
  3. On the putting green, give each person a shot at the first putt. Do not hole out a short putt if you missed your first putt.  The first ball in must count.  Mark your ball and wait.
  4. If playing as a threesome, one member of the threesome may on a rotational basis, hit or putt an extra time to compensate for the fourth person.
  5. Each player on the team, must contribute at least two drives.